Recruitment Infographics and More

Live (Instant) vs. Pre-Recorded (On-Demand) Video Interviews Infographic​

What is the difference between live vs. on-demand? A LOT. Learn what both candidates and interviewers have said. Why does pre-recorded cause bias in the interview process and reduce the candidate experience? Download the "Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video Interviews" Infographic as it illustrates in detail how candidates and recruiters truly feel about each. 

  • Nothing can replace an in-person interview, but a live video interview is the closest thing you can get.

  • Download to learn how live video interviews can help amplify the candidate experience.

  • Any interview method should be a two-way street. Are pre-recorded video interviews unnatural and awkward? Are they causing increased recruitment time?

Live Video Interview ROI Inforgraphic

How can live video interviews reduce your hiring costs by 56%? Learn how live video interviews can augment your phone screens giving you ROI in as little as 2.6 hires per year. Get the breakdown bucket by bucket in the latest infographic here.

  • How much can you narrow the funnel upfront with quality over quantity? Find out.

  • How can you reduce attrition by up to 22%?

  • How can you reduce your fill time by 14 days? Download and discover how.

Narrow the Recruiting Funnel Infographic

Today's job market has not only changed the role of HR departments but also driven change from "digital" candidates who demand instant gratification.

  • The latest tips and best practices to reach, recruit and retain passive talent in a competitive talent market.

  • With today's low unemployment rate, this has put the candidate in the driver's seat. How do you stay ahead of the game?

  • Are you a human resource leader who wants to impact the bottom line? Learn how you can attract quality talent and reduce the attrition rate while creating an amazing culture.