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The Executive Innovation Show Podcast hosted by Carrie Chitsey brings you C-Level executive conversations with innovative leaders in HR. Hear executives from top companies like SHRM, Korn Ferry, FranklinCovey, Clover and many other innovators in recruiting, talent/people and candidate experience. These no holds barred conversations give you an insightful look inside the minds of top human resource innovators. Learn from their success, bruises, and real-life experiences. Listen here, download on your favorite podcast player and subscribe to get the latest weekly shows.



Podcast Host:

Carrie Chitsey Wells

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Carrie Chitsey is the Co-Founder and CEO of One Touch Brands and Live Video Interviews. As the host of the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, she is known as a digital technology innovator for leading Fortune 500 brands, startup companies, and Venture Capital firms. She is nationally recognized as Top 100 Female Founders, Top 50 Mobile Experts and Top 40 Under 40 Marketing executives.

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