Innovative Campus Recruitment Strategies

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

College recruiting with live video interview technology is the future of landing that graduate.

This recruiting technology is six times faster than traditional hiring methods, such as phone screens or email. Plus, it can shave off about 2/3 of your hiring costs.

This recruiting technology can save your company time and money. It can also give your company a leg up on the competition. While other companies are stuck in the past, live video chats can help your business form a personal connection with students. This is one way to making your enterprise seem more attractive to young job seekers.

College recruiting with live video interview technology is the perfect way to build a rapport with a promising candidate. This also allows you to have a better quality of hire. You will also be able to improve your recruiting process. Most college students in universities today are Millennials. These students are potential candidates, which will make up 70% of the workforce by 2025.

These young job seekers are already familiar with live video platforms! Using this recruiting technology will make your company more attractive to an increasingly important labor force.

80% of Millennials said they would take a job based on the personal relationship formed in the interview process. Therefore, live video interviews can differentiate your brand from a technologically adroit generation.

Many companies have discovered that recruiting on college campuses is one of the best ways to find new talent. Recruiters often work directly with college guidance counselors to convince students to come work for their company. However, to pinpoint the must-hire students, businesses shell out vast expenses traveling to campuses. The ROI on college recruiting doesn’t amount to much since finding student talent could end up costing your company several thousand dollars. This expensive process restricts businesses to just recruiting from local universities instead of reaching out to schools across the country.

But what if you could live video interview with a student on campus and tap into a whole new talent pool?

This recruiting technology allows your company the opportunity to capture higher-quality candidates in a way that outdated hiring methods cannot. From the beginning of the hiring process, video chat technology can help your company more efficiently filter which candidates are a better “culture fit.” Phone screens, emails, and other impersonal forums prevent you from determining which student will match your company’s core values. That is, at least, until the in-person interview. By that time, however, your business has wasted finite resources on a slew of inadequate candidates.

College Recruiting with Live Video Interview Technology is a 21st-century common-sense solution to your hiring headaches.


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Innovative Campus Recruitment Strategies