Understanding Gen Z: Communication and Hiring Trends (Part 1)

Welcome to the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, brought to you by Live Video Interviews and One Touch Video Chat.  During this podcast, the host, Carrie Chitsey, has a round table with five Generation Z students from Anderson High School, here in Austin, Texas to hear directly from these Gen Z’s how they like to communicate, think about college and what they are looking for in an employer. One of the most diverse generations in the United States, they had a lot to say.

Listen to “Understanding Gen Z: Communication and Hiring Trends (Part 1)” as we discuss the following:

  • During our live studio recording, we ask these Gen Zs about their communication preferences. As digital natives how do they use the internet, social media, and mobile phone today? Do they prefer to download apps for one time use or just visit the mobile website? With storage space on their cell phones being a premium, does every companies' app get a download? 

  • When did they get their first cell phones? At a much younger age than you or I, our teen guests discuss the grade they got their first phone and why. Listen to the podcast as we discover if this generation prefers a text, call or FaceTime?

  • From video homework help to maintaining relationships from far distances, hear just how Gen Z is making the most of video calls. 

  • Are college gap years the new normal for this younger generation? We discuss the next steps for these upperclassmen.

  • Is a college degree still seen as the end goal? After seeing millennials strapped with debt, it’s something Gen Z is thinking about even more. Hear their sentiments on college and the factors that play into the next steps of their lives. 

  • How are job boards looked at by Gen Z? Do they find them helpful or daunting? Is there a disconnect between experience needed and the current experience gained by this young generation? 

  • What is this generation looking for in a job? How will future employers attract and retain Gen Zers? Is it culture, company values, career path advancement or pay? Their answers differ from previous generations. Find out how by listening.

This is part one of our three-part series, “Understanding Gen Z”. Subscribe to the podcast now to get notified for parts 2 and 3, where we’ll talk banking and healthcare for the next two weeks.

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A special thanks to Anderson High School for allowing the students to participate.