Recruitment Software To Build Better Candidate Relationships on Day 1

Replace the Phone Screen
Candidate Phone interview engagement

A five minute "live" video interview is equal to a 200 question assessment. This allows you to reduce your time to hire.

Cut Through Job Board Clutter
reduce recruiting problems with job board clutter

Invite talent to a video interview and weed out "match-apply" candidates that aren't truly interested.

Increase Placement
Increase job placements

Increase the hire rate of top talent 3x post video interview vs. phone screens.

Reduce Interview No-Shows + Ghosting
reduce Candidate ghosting

Get instant candidate survey feedback from job seekers for interest level + deeper relationship building.



Hire 3x Faster
Hire 3x faster

Optimize the hiring process within 30 days with simple augmentation to your current process.

Reduce Fill Rate by 14 Days
Faster recruiting by 14 days

Our recruiting tool allows you to implement one video hiring for front line talent, contingent on assessments.

Competitive Advantage
Better Interviews through competitive advantage

8 out of 10 candidates remember great details from a video interview, 3 of out 10 through a phone screen.

Reach Passive Talent
enagage passive talent pool

74% of the "employed" talent pool are open to job opportunities but you need to "sell-them" on it.

Hiring Managers

Reduce Hiring Costs 56%
faster recruiting software reduces hiring costs by up to 56%

Narrow the recruiting funnel while increasing candidate experience.

Instant Recruiter & Candidate Feedback
recruiting with better feedback from recruiter and candidiate

No more waiting 6 months for Glassdoor feedback. Get instant actionable feedback on your recruiting process.

Reduce Attrition up to 22%
reduce attrition and turnover by up to 22%

Measuring for culture fit and values day one reduces expensive attrition.

Increase Recruiter Productivity
job recruiter productivity increase

Conduct more high-quality interviews, 3x faster. Analysis of team productivity in real-time.