Video Interviewing Platform Solutions

What is a Video Interviewing Platform?

Video interview, hiring, recruitment platform

A "live" video interview allows you to narrow your recruitment funnel while building deeper relationships, faster and more efficiently. Extend your reach to top job seekers who are already employed. With our video interviewing platform you can empower your organization and hiring managers to improve their recruiting efforts today.


How Live Video Interviews Can Impact the Bottom Line


Improve the hiring process and hire 3x faster, while maintaining face-to-face interviews.


Our video interviewing solution reduces hiring costs by 56% on average.


Reduce employee attrition up to 22%, with an evaluation of culture and values day one.


Reduce speed to hire, which is critical in this competitive market, by an average of 14 days.

Solving Recruiting Headaches for HR Teams

video recruiting solutions for HR teams

Prevent "ghosting" and no shows

Weed out "shotgun approach candidates" from job boards

Reach a quality passive talent pool

Recruiter Productivity + 

Instant Candidate Feedback

Decrease cost and attrition 

Increase Candidate Experience & Deepen Relationships

Highest Impact Areas with

30 day ROI

Hourly or Front-Line Workers

Faster interviewing and recruitment for front-line workers

Reach and recruit faster, extend one-video hiring offers.

Remote Workers/ Work from Home

recruiting remote workers and work from home

Reduce travel costs and windshield time across geographical constraints.

Competitive Markets

unique hiring solutions for competitive markets

Stand out of the clutter from your "phone interview" competitors.

College or Trade Schools

digital college recruiting

Increase interactions, visibility, and campus buy-in.