Virtual Job Fair Software

What is a Virtual Job Fair?

online virtual job fair computer

The ability to connect a talent pool from anywhere to skilled interviewers digital through an instant video virtual job fair. How can you reach job seekers faster? Our virtual job fair allows your hiring managers to connect with top talent with ease.

virtual job fairs recruit in many locations

How Does a Virtual Job Fair Work?


Select a Date/Time + Open Positions

Select a Date/Time Open Positions for a digital job fair
  • Pick a convenient time for passive talent (lunch, evening, etc.)

  • Select the open positions available for interview

  • Select and group your "interviewers" by open position


Marketing & Promotion


Leverage your existing + potential talent funnel for inviting to the job fair such as:

  • Job Boards: add to listing and send to "interested" resumes

  • Digital: add to your social media and/or run target ads

  • Employees: encourage promotion for referrals


Conduct Virtual Job Fair

  • Debrief "interviewers" on questions and survey feedback post-interview.

  • Manage "interviewers" to be ready and available during the video chat interviews.


Instant Feedback + Follow Up

  • Run reporting instantly post-interview to see interviewer feedback and candidate feedback (matching)

  • Candidate outreach for next steps in follow up interview and/or declines

Where is a Digital Job Fair Most Beneficial?

Mass Hiring or High Turnover Roles

find more candidates for mass hiring and high turnover

Need to hire faster or for many of the same roles?

New Location or Markets

virtual recruitment in new markets

Opening new locations, still under construction, or are your recruiters centralized?

Digital Relationship Building

digital relationship building

Want to reach passive talent that you need to "sell" on taking off work to interview?

School Outreach

increase digital college recruiting prescence

Want to build better relationships with graduates on campus more frequently?

Nick Schacht, Jennifer Oswald, DeAnnah Stinson Reese podcast "Talent Criteria: Does a College Degree Still Matter?"
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- Nick Schacht | Chief Global Development Officer at SHRM

Talent Criteria: Does a College Degree Still Matter?