White Papers on Human Resource Management

Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market

With this white paper for human resource management professionals, we take a look back on hiring technology 10 years ago, today and the future.


Do you want to gain hiring tips and insights on the candidate-driven market? Download and read more about the pros and cons of HR tools like pre-recorded video interviews, chatbots/AI and live video interviews. We break it down from the candidate, recruiters, and executive perspectives.


Learn about today's hiring climate, the latest digital recruiting tools, and why candidate experience is king.

Telehealth White Paper
Telehealth White Paper

White Paper

Reach and Recruit a Passive Front-Line Talent Pool

Today's job market has not only changed the role of HR departments across all industries but it also has driven change from "digital" candidates who demand instant gratification. The candidate is now in the driver's seat. In order for HR leaders to impact the bottom line, they need to attract quality talent, reduce attrition, and create an amazing culture. They must step outside of the "we do it this way" hurdle and embrace digital innovation in the hiring funnel to make an impact.


"Reach and Recruit a Passive Front-Line Talent Pool" provides you the latest tips and best practices to reach, recruit, and retain top passive talent in a competitive talent market.

Telehealth White Paper
Telehealth White Paper

White Paper


Staffing & Recruiting Product Sheet

Looking for a fast rundown of how live video interviews work? ​


This staffing and recruiting product sheet gives you areas of opportunity for fast recruiting implementation and growth. Find top talent sooner with live video interviews. We walk you through our platform and all of the bells and whistles.


Download to learn how you can attract and retain candidates, hold virtual job fairs and more. Expand your current hiring operations by providing an exemplary candidate experience.